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Sorry! I’ll be back soon!

Hi tumblr! Its been a while since I updated you and I am so sorry. I know that this account is not yet famous but as what I have said before, I am dedicated to this blog. I have been to a retreat for 2 days last week and I already have a draft in my notes that will be posted here soon :) I have pending posts too to share with you guys but I don’t have a time to polish it up. Final exam will be next week and my org is kinda busy too but I’ll be back soon and will post different kinds of stuffs that I have been loooooving to do, visit and eat so far! ^_______^

See you soonest! Loveeeeewe you!

Cafe Maîson

Hey hey heeeeey! What’s up errbodyyyy! (What an awkward start) but haha! Finally after my traitor “blogger bestie” (wow new name!) Mhy, wore the traitor crown for going WITHOUT ME after our so called agreement that we will go together to this place right after I SHOWED her the picture. We’re here! ☜(ˆ▽ˆ)

But first things first, I must admit that it is not the way I have imagined it to be. I was expecting a kinda Cafe Noriter feels (i’ll blog about it) but I was wrong. The place really looks simple in person. Buuuuut I am not complaining, especially when I have found out that the owner of the Cafe is a group of BSBA students from our school. I kinda feel proud of them for thinking of starting a business with this kind of concept (which I must say first in CdO) and how they have maximized their capital because yaah, I can say that they started with a small one.

Looking at the place (you can check Mhy’s blog for the great shots of the cafe) reminds me of my friends over due plans to have our own coffee shop in our hometown. It got me inspired to team up with my Aclamora friends since a lot of them is more than willing to start our own business, but since we are still here schooling, I guess it will remain just a plan (huhuhuhu) but going back though, the owners are friendly which is a pretty good start for a young entrepreneur like them. The place is surprisingly cozy! You can judge it with my pictures cause we were lying down the whole time. And what about their foods? Well I have only tried the Banana Kreme which is my ultimate favorite and it really tastes good. (˘‿˘ʃƪ) I partnered it with Hot Milk Tea and guess what? It’s the best decision ever! Hot Milk Tea + Banana Kreme is the perfect combination! So if you want my advice then go for that combo. 凸(¬‿¬)凸

The place is deceiving in photos, I should be honest to that so you will not be disappointed but still the ambience looks good and as what I have said, cozy. And if you’ll ask me whether I’ll come back to this place? Ofcourse I will! It’s the place where I can chill out and sit in a not-so-mundane way (¬‿¬)

So go give it a try guys!

Here is Mhy’s blog for Cafe Maison: The Cafe Maîson

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The Cuckoo’s Calling

Hello from my bed! :) It is another gloomy day and I am left alone here in our house with my new book! ≧◔◡◔≦ I have been eyeing this book since summer and I can’t remember the reason why I never bought it. So yes, after roaming around at the mall yesterday, I happen to visit the bookstore and saw this and without any second thoughts, I bought it. I dote these kind of books (by the way my favorite author is James Patterson so if you know his genre, then you probably know why I purchased this book) I have a thing with mysteries and solving cases. I know that I desire to be a lawyer, but sometimes being like Sherlock Holmes always plays in my psyche.

My “Reads” section on this blog will be alive and full of life after our sembreak. I will surely bombard you guys with my current reads so yeheeeeey for that! :) I will try to share with you my book review soooon!

Happy Reading! (✿◠‿◠)

My heart leaps!

My Dream Partner in Life

I just need someone who can ride my crazy dreams in life. Someone who will not laugh at my thoughts. A person who’s willing to come with me if I decided to go somewhere far or near. Someone who can freak the hell out of me. Someone who will make me laugh so hard that other people will think that I am retarded. Someone who loves roadtrips the way I do. Someone I can always wake up 3 in the morning just to eat, talk, or do something. A person where I can just cry not minding how ugly I look. Someone I can have picnic with. Take crazy candid pictures with. Someone who can stand to just lie around the sofa or bed watching movies. Someone I can sit with for hours and hours without talking with each other but still feels like it’s the best conversation ever. Someone who will appreciate my cooking skills. Someone I can play embarrassing games. Someone I can have inside jokes in public or private. Someone who’s risk taker. Someone who will treat me very special the way I would do to him. And I know that it’s hard to find a match like this. So I will just sit with whatever God gives me and will forget about this someone that will never exist.

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Dakak Beach Resort


Hi! So that it will not bother you, the gumamela flower on my ear is one of the welcome flowers that Dakak Beach Resort gave us. It’s all over in our hut, from bed, sink, table and even in the bathroom! I know that this blog is long due so without anymore bluffing, let me start sharing with you our short escapade in this resort :)

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I always share my current song obsession whether it’s a new song or old. I am very random when it comes to music but my favorite is Reggae.=)

but obviously this is not a Reggae song. I just miss the voice of Wiz Khalifa and found this on my playlist so I got so obsessed again and I have been listening to it NONSTOP! yay!

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Why I left Tumblr Before

Reasons why I Left Tumblr before

It is no secret that this is my third tumblr account. I deactivated my 2 previous accounts because of some reasons. First, I realized that my life is boring during those months and any smart people will realize it just by reading my posts.

Second, my writing sucks. I used to write in a lively way but tumblr actually ruined it instead of developing it.(Don’t ask me why because I don’t know too)

Third, I got so addicted that it became my life.

Fourth, I started to judge people. I started disliking them and I GOT TOO CLOSE BEING ONE OF THE ANON HATERS. Yes. I am very ashamed of that, I almost sent “hate” message to someone anonymously. Believe it or not, I’ve never tried being anon to ANYONE, whether it is good or bad.

And last and probably the biggest reason was the Tumblr Anon Bashers and Haters. Almost every Tumbloggers received anonymous hate messages and sadly I am one of them. The messages are so cruel and bad. I don’t know what kind of upbringing they had. How can someone actually write that? What pains me too is the fact that some of the ANONS are my friends UNTIL NOW (I never told them that I know who they are) and one of my COUSINS. Imagine? My cousin??

Well that was long ago. Some of the anons asked for forgiveness while others never did. I just want to say that I whole heartedly have forgiven those who asked for forgiveness but for those who never asked? Well, I don’t know. I don’t really know :( How can you actually forgive someone if they never asked for forgiveness? I hope they know that Allah will forgive them if they have sinned to Him but He will never forgive them if they have sinned to another human being and that human being did not forgive them.

And no, I will not open my “anon” ask box. I won’t create anything that will just destroy my confidence and will push me away again for writing. I think it would be better if i’d stay deaf and blind to other people’s bad judgments and whines about me. I know that I am not perfect. I know that I suck at writing, I know my flaws. I just don’t need just some random anon to slap it around me. I have enough friends to remind me of my flaws and everything that might destroy me. They can say it to me more properly without hurting me. Ruining me. Degrading me.

To all of those that have experienced Tumblr haters or anon haters, I understand why you left. I know it’s painful but let that wound heal. If you are really into blogging then come back. Never open the anon ask box because there will always be naysayers. Compliments from anons are so overwhelming. But still don’t open it. If somebody really wants to compliment you then you will know it even if you don’t activate the anonymous questions. :)

So start creating your new blog. Prepare all your beautiful thoughts that have been stuck in your head, check those awesome photos that you can’t upload in insta because they are so just so many and it will be “sumo”, think about your new hobby, or your book review
that’s too long to be captioned in Instagram or Facebook. Blog about it. Share with us your beautiful ideas and perception in life. People will judge you and you know what? It’s OKAY. :) it’s a good sign. Once people judge you means you have been noticed. You are counted. You are not just an ordinary person just having a masters degree whining in front of the computer and never finished any piece or book. Let your passion drive.

Goodluck! Happy Blogging!

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Chasing Sunshine


Around 8 in the evening while I was in the bus on the way home to CDO, my friend Mhy beeped me if I am available to witness the sunrise near the beach where I live, and as A sunset and sunrise person, WHY NOT?
They fetch me around 4 in the morning and was so happy when I saw that they brought hot pancakes, apple pie and coffee. The smell of it really did wake me up.

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I will post the video this midnight! :)

Sunday Lazy Day

Hello from Cagayan de Oro City! It is one of the unusual afternoons here in this hot city. I found out on the weather report that Mindanao is experiencing low pressure. That explains the rain so I made a hot chocolate (Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate is my new fave) and egg sandwich with overflowing cheeeeeese. Spell yuuuuuum. I am currently blogging about my Dakak Trip but the laptop is acting bitchy so I guess I’ll finish and will post it this midnight or maybe early in the morning :)

This is just a quick update of my Sunday lazy day. You know how it goes ” It’s Sunday moving is optional” and I know that a lot of you get bored every Sunday, so here I am talking to you.

Rain makes me calm, but this kind of rain scares me. Our house is small and I can hear the rain smashing our roof. This is not relaxing anymore. I’m still afraid of flash flood and tsunami. (Yes, I am paranoid like that) we live near the river and beaches that’s why I imagine things like that. *knock on the wood

This weather is making sleepy. I need to take a nap. Ok byeeeeeeee.

(Too random update)

So I found this in my Notes. :) #HormonalDramaQueen

AUGUST 13, 2014

I am having the time of my life right now where I feel so depressed. I have so many adjectives that can describe this feeling, but they are too emotional so I will leave them in my head.

I am one of those greatly misunderstood, sad to say, but even some of my friends does.

My emotion’s like a roller coaster. I experience lots of ups and downs in a day. And sometimes I always prefer to stay at home most of the time nowadays. My friends keep on asking me where am I so we can hang out, but I always have unlimited reasons to have a rain check. It’s actually funny how you can easily fool people in sms. You just write a reason add some emojis like crying or smirking and baaaam! You have a well planned alibi.


I solemnly swear that my law school will be the most serious academic years of my life. I’m so happy I don’t have a love life to think about, I’m so happy that my circle of friends were focus in studies, and I’m so happy that my family is so supportive. In shaa Allah. Law school can never ever pull me down. Only Allah can change this newly found determination.  #HormonalDramaQueen
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I solemnly swear that my law school will be the most serious academic years of my life. I’m so happy I don’t have a love life to think about, I’m so happy that my circle of friends were focus in studies, and I’m so happy that my family is so supportive. In shaa Allah. Law school can never ever pull me down. Only Allah can change this newly found determination. #HormonalDramaQueen

New Routine!

I use to run Right after Magrib prayer, (that’s 6:30 PM) but now, I guess I’m gonna be changing my routine. Waking up for Subuh prayer is now more exciting knowing that there will be a running that’s gonna happen. I’m so glad that my cousin is conscious to his body. (He used to have abs) He loves running every morning so I decided to join him. Plus, it is more convenient for me since I don’t need to bring heavy loads every time I go to school. (Because I run in Sport’s Center) Add also the fact that I am a morning person. :) so huraaaaaay for #TeamSubuh bye-bye #TeamMagrib.

Training with a man is more motivating I guess. They have stronger stamina compared to girls that’s why I rarely see him take a rest which I always take as a challenge. I’m pushing my limits guys! And he knows it so he challenged me to run from Iponan to Opol and I hastily accepted the challege. (Reckless me) now, I need to maintain my palabra de honor. Lol I’m gonna blog about it sooooon. Will do it In shaa Allah by next week ;) keep posted lovely readers! Let’s get heaaaaalthy! (Naks)

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