Xavier University’s theme for this year’s Org Trip is COACHELLA! Twas soo hippy! And in case you are wondering where am I then it’s on 0:39 HAHAHA, Wearing pink Hijab ;)

Here is the AFS XAVIER promotional video :)

#PrayForGaza #FreePalestine


All my life I’ve been waiting for
I’ve been praying for
For the people to say
That we don’t wanna fight no more
There will be no more wars
And our children will play
One day

One day this all will change
Treat people the same
Stop with the violence
Down with the hate

Written by Matisyahu. A JEW. I hope that all the Jews out there will listen with this as a human.

AFS-CDO Promotional Video (behind the cam)

Connecting Lives, Sharing Cultures :)

Photos by: Aisha Tamano


You know when you’ve really enjoyed something, you’ll come home and tell everyone about it who will listen? Well that’s pretty much how I felt after getting back from the AECO BOLTS, The assembly of all the extra curricular organizations of Xavier.
But before I start this looooong blog, let me share with you first the place where we stayed.  I am impressed with the AECO officers how they had a good deal at Stargate. We know that Stargate is so expensive and we occupied ALL of the Bungalows including the Royal and Cowboy house.. so if you are now counting your fingers how much they have spent then you are right. Xavier University spent 6 digits for this. ;) we are soo lucky that our school gives importance to the extra curricular Orgs same with the academics. image
This is my groupmates for the entire camp. As always, just like a new formed group, we started awkwardly. We were just flashing semi-smiles with each other and measuring each others personality.
The first activity was the amazing race. On station 1 which I don’t have a photo. We were given a scenario where someone will about to have a labor. Sounds easyyy. Not until our Faci asked as that, we are supposed to be, “nga-nga”. “Can’t talk bah, forgot the right term) Hahahaa. It’s not that difficult but it’s really really funnnnny! The first station made my cray cray group close to each other

This one is the second station. It is probably the easiest one yet our patience were tested. We were asked to make bandiritas and that dream catcher thingy, I don’t really know what it is. The rope of our banderita is soooo long. I even believe that our rope is the longest since others finished it fastly. Hehoooooimageimageimage
I am apologizing for this shameless selfies cause this is actually the challenge in the 3rd station. We were given a number of lists where we have to find it ALL OVER THE RESORT, and take a group selfie with it. I can’t forget the incident where we had a hard time looking for a horse and took a selfie with it, only to find out that the”horse” that the list intends to say is the wood design on the cowboy house. Hahaha! But atleast we’ve found a horse! Duh.. Hahahaimage
Before I proceed to the next station, let me first share with you our official photographer from the Ateneo Camera Club.I never had a chance to ask his name but he took most of the pictures and my friend Jo, Jella and Reese (Credits to you guys) image
This is one of the hardest. I can’t explain the instructions of it but yes. Its about balance, leadership, teamwork, patience and trust.image
We were the last one to finish the amazing race! hahahaha. But it is okey cause it is not a competition. The real agenda of the race is to develop closeness with our own group that is composed of different Orgs.
The last station is to sing our chant while having a pyramid. Please hashtag such a pain in the ass hahaha but our chant’s meaning actually matched the situation. We were actually soo original and creative with our chant. It’s actually from the ever popular highschool musical. Its ” together, forever together everyone, together forever will gonna have some fun” see? Soo original and creative ( more powerful sarcasm anna, more) buuuuut the funny part is, it soo funny to sing it while doing the pyramid. Just imagine our voices WITH PAIN! image
After the amazing race, we were asked to go straight to the Royal house to wait for our lunch. The house was soo crowded already since we were the last one to finish the race. I can never forget the feels that I had just when I entered. Its like a house party! lots of them are having fun while some are… Well, wallflowers. I am torn what should I do, Should I socialize or to be just one of the wallflowers where im gonna find a vacant spot and open the book that I am currently reading in my iPad.

I end up socializing and… sleeping ~.~ imageimageimageimageimageimageimage
I guessed it right! We had a BOODLE FIGHT! They separated a lane for just fish and chicken without the porkchop to consider me and Adzar (we were the only muslims) I appreciate their considerateness not to mix it with porkchop but still… I ended up eating in a separate plate. It’s boodle fight, some of the people eating beside me will eat porkchop and it will be mixed with my food. Which is still Haram :(

After this, we were asked to go to our designated house, FINALLY! I am sooo soooo excited to take a shower after the amazing race. I’ll kill for a looooong shower.

But first let us take a selfie! :) haha! Meet my housematessss! They are all so kind and friendly. The respect that they gave me was soo heartfelt. I prayed Lohor (noon prayer) and they muted the tv voluntarily. They are even soooo silent! They are not talking. (Omygod what an awkward silence while I am praying hihi) They thought it’s bad to talk while someone is praying in the room.
And then not too long, they called us again to proceed in our next activity. (Umm. Actually, they pretty much gave us enough time, buuuut the bed in our bungalow is soo inviting) but anyway here is the AECO Guinness of records. I am too lazy to write about the instructions in this but, its more like arranging yourself with a given category like age, height and whatever. This is actually really funny! I loove this! Our shortest time was 6 SECONDS! BEAT THAT!!
The facilata-toe is no other than the CSG president.
And this, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN is the one that gave me back pain for 3 days! They call it human factory

This is our team, and Pet is the last person that should be moved, (because he is the heaviest) sorry Pet. You know I love you my dear Pepito ;) hahahaha we would have won this game if I didn’t dropped Pet. I lost my balance and dropped him. He started again then Britanny dropped him. We were soo tired and weak during that time already but we did our very best to move him. And…we..did!!! imageimageimageimage
This is one of the hardest game but also one of the best! Aaaaaaah I miss my groupmates already! We need a reunion pleeease! imageimage
Meet our facilitators. It’s kinda weird now. I use to facilitate a lot of seminars and camps already (cdo and out of town) and its been a while since the last time that I have been one of the participants. It feels weird when my faci is asking me for my reflection when I was the one asking it most of the time. :) I miss being one of the participants. I miss doing the fun part cause most of the time, facilitating is boring. The experience is way cooler when you are the participant.
And then dinner is served! I am so happy that they didn’t serve ANY PORK :) it’s such a good thing to know that a hundred participant adjusted for 2. :) image

Behold cause this is one of my highlights.imageimageimageimageimageimage

We had a drama presentation where I have to act as a wife being cheated by her husband and sister. ( no sweat since I was a former president of Drama Club) The challenge we had to do is to act the scene 4 times because we have different acting themes. First is the normal, second is heavy drama, mad, and sensuaaaal. AKA Flirtatious Drama. Britanny nailed it! daaaaarn And I am pretty confident too that our group gave the best show. ;)

The program ended around 10 PM closing it with a solemn reflection and lightning of this I don’t know. I forgot what it’s called. :3 they asked us to take a rest cause we will be super early tomorrow. They emphasized the super early so we slept immediately.imageimage
And then, they woke us up around 12 in the morning! Wooooow! EARLY IT IS! They woke us up to be a caterpillar! as you can see on the picture and walk like a freaking duck! It hurrrts sooo much. :( Only to find out that it’s the first station cause will gonna have an AMAZING RACE again. How was that! Amazing race around 12 AM. Its painfully cool.
imageimageimage Im soo proud to share with you that I kept my cool during this race (yeheeeeey). The facilitators were all soo annoying (which they announced later on that it is just part of their drama hehe, apology accepted sweethearts!) they have been acting like a b*tch all through out the raaaaaace. Hashtag Harold our CSG president who can’t act bitchy but successfully pulled out being the “annoying orange” role. Hahahaha I can’t forget his lines. “Protect your balloons, give your balloons, protect your balloons” hahahaha I am soo torn whether I should surrender the balloons that they gave us or hide it in a safe place. But then the agenda of the race was successful. We don’t have a picture of the last station since it got pretty intense. And I mean it. It was pretty intense. They stoned us with water balloons when they turned off the street lights. (The agenda is to keep the fire burning in our candles) I think I have slapped two facilitators. (I told you it was intense) but it was not on the face. Sa shoulders lang at kamay. :) told you I kept my cool. Hehe imageimage And after the race, the paaaaaaarty beginssss BUT I confined myself in our room and doze of instead. Hehe. I am not being anti social. There is a presence of (im not allowed to share it) so I chose not to join. Hehe. Don’t ask. imageimage So yeeessss here is Group 2! The “TWO-gether” named group that started awkwardly but ended up one of the closest :) image

I’m soo happy that I didn’t back out and gave the spot to some of our officers. Months from now and i’m done in college. It’s nice to know that before I leave college, I had met toooons of new friends :)

Ramadan Reflection

July 4, 2014
7:16 Am
8:02 AM

Reflection this Ramadan

I have so many reflections this Ramadan that’s currently forming fireworks in my head right now and my hand can’t keep up writing it.

Where do I start? Hhhmmm?

First, I did one of my “To Dos” this Ramadan that I wrote down before Ramadan started. I studied and researched what is the reality and essence of Ramadan and found out soo many good things that we all should know. I’m going to link down the video that I found very helpful. It will just take up more or less 30minutes of your 24 hour time this day so please watch it :) it is worth it I promise!

Second, I am ashamed to tell you that I just started reading the Qur’an :( 5 days of Ramadan passed already and all I did was to be a couch potato (I am soo ashamed right now while I am writing this). Knowing the fact that I encourage you in my previous blog to read the Qur’an :( But in shaa Allah it is better than never. I actually prayed after Aisah asking Allah to please give me the sincerity to start reading the Qur’an and alhamdulillah after eating Suhoor this morning, I voluntarily opened and started reading the Qur’an. In shaa Allah I am going to finish it this Ramadan (Allahuma Ameen). Please include in your prayers all the Muslims who aim to finish the Qur’an this Ramadan. If you haven’t started reading the Qur’an while reading this then start now :) It’s not yet too late. MOST OF THE SHAHABA, finishes the Qur’an every 7 days. That is their NORMAL routine even if it is not Ramadan :) so it is not too late so long as we have the determination.

Third, There is this one line on the video that I am going to link down below that struck me because I totally agree. It says, “our stomach is rumbling but our heart is laughing” Ma shaa Allah. Fasting is difficult but we know in our hearts that we are HAPPY. We love doing it. We really do. In fact, it is our own choice to do the fasting. Our parents won’t hit us if we don’t do fasting. Our parents will still give us our weekly allowance even if we don’t do fasting. We can easily sneak food or water from time to time if we want too but still we don’t. Why? Because our intention is pure. We love doing this! We are excited to its reward every time we feel hungry. We do this because we love Allah very much that we are very willing to take on this challenge

Fourth, at times when I am feeling hungry, I started thinking deeply. Yes I know that I may be hungry by now but surely I know that when Magrib comes, there is food waiting for me in the kitchen. This growling stomach will be fed deliciously soon, but then… how about those who don’t have nothing that’s waiting for them? Have you thought of the street children living on their own at their very young age asking alms in every person for them to have something to eat? How many times they slept at night with an empty stomach? Add also the fact that they don’t even have a comfortable place to sleep in. Imagine yourself in their position. Imagine the feeling when you are hungry and fasting but this time you know that you have NOTHING to eat after Magrib and you are not even sure if you will have something to eat in the morning? Have you ever think of them when the rain is so strong and there’s lightning everywhere and they are left soaking when they didn’t find a practical place to stay? And here you are in your room having a thick comforter drinking your favorite coffee or hot choco while you are surfing the internet with your iPad or laptop. Surely it is not your fault that you were born like that. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for all the blessings, but you should remember that Allah gave you those blessings for you to share it. Give back. You are very lucky to be given that challenge. Your only challenge is to divide your blessings. You are totally in control of it. You were not given the challenge to ask or even plead and cry for somebody else’s blessings to be shared with you right? Let us reflect deeply. Ramadan is not just asking for forgiveness. It is also a reminder to all of us. So in shaa Allah let’s start practicing sharing. We may have got used looking with the people of the streets asking alms from time to time but it is just us who got used to their routine. They will never get used with a hungry stomach and unsafe cold nights. You know that. I know you do because you have experience how to get hungry for a number of years now. So before you get irritated with the pleasing hands around you, look at them and remember that YOU KNOW HOW IT HURTS TO BE HUNGRY. It is better for us to share our blessings before it is taken away from us.

Let’s share it not just to the street children ofcourse, let’s share it to all those who needs help. Life is like a wheel. You may not experience being poor in this Dunya but your kids might experience it. Who knows? Life is a mystery. Let’s pray that our children will not experience poverty even if we left them unprepared.

This is just some of my reflections and in shaa Allah I am going to write another one. For now, the meat of this blog is for us to understand the essence of Ramadan and learn how to share and be a sympathizer. In shaa Allah let us maintain our pure niyyat and may we all finish this Ramadan together and see each other in the next Ramadans. In shaa Allah. I looooooove you and Assalamualaikum! Bye! :) virtual huuuuuuug!

Here’s the video! http://youtu.be/2_jRPRF_c6U and also watch some of their video (The merciful servant) it is all informative. :)

A Place Where Every Sassy Girl Like Me Dotes

This is so good to be shared but since I love all the sassy girls out there then here it is. :) This cute place is named Vanilla Cupcake Bakery and it is located in Trinoma

There are lots of artsy places growing up here in CdO because of the influence of the cutest teashop here named Chingkee Tea, but still this place amazed me! I dote it dearly
It took me a while to decide what will I order. The cupcakes are all soo mouth-watering and their drinks are the bomshells too.
After the long process of thinking what to order, Ladies and Gentlemen! This is what my appetite demanded.😂👍
Oh and tell me how cute is my cup of hot chocolate? It has wings!
I also tried their frappe and it tastes good just the way it looks! This design is making me loco, I over used the word “cute”every time I describe it
Every corner is made for perfection!
The sassy heart of mine fell in love with this place. I hope and pray that they will have a branch here in CDO since they already have loooots of branches right now. :)

If you are from Mindanao like me and will happen to visit Luzon which a lot of you does from time to time, I would like to recommend you this place. :) They have lots of branches. They pretty have every branch in known malls so it is not a problem if you will go to stay in a place which is kinda far from Trinoma ;)

I’m so happy that the word of mouth brought me here. Have a lovely day everyone! Thanks for dropping by here in my blog! I looooove you! Hope to see you in my next blog! :)

Sunnies by Charlie <3

This was 2 years ago and I am looking forward for the next trip IF THERE IS. Please!

Cassie wrote where exactly I want to be and what exactly I want to do.

My Ramadan 101

June 23, 2014
Start: 1:35 AM
End: 2:27 AM

It’s morning already and as usual I am stuck in this iPad surfing the net. I was watching some of the video vlogs of my favorite Youtubers and realized that it’s almost Ramadhan. Ramadhan always gives me this kind of excitement that I don’t really understand. It’s a very nice kind of feeling. I guess it’s the same with the Christians saying “naaamoy kuna ang simoy ng pasko”. Some people think of Ramadhan as plainly just fasting. Such as not eating for 14 hours and eating all the delicious and extravagant foods when we break our fast. Well partly, that is true, but our Ramadhan is not just about fasting and eating. This is our Holy month, this is our time of salvation and celebration.

" During the blessed month of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world abstain from food, drink, and other physical needs during the daylight hours. As a time to purify the soul, refocus attention on God, and practice self-sacrifice, Ramadan is much more than just not eating and drinking.
Muslims are called upon to use this month to re-evaluate their lives in light of Islamic guidance. We are to make peace with those who have wronged us, strengthen ties with family and friends, do away with bad habits — essentially to clean up our lives, our thoughts, and our feelings. The Arabic word for “fasting” (sawm) literally means “to refrain” - and it means not only refraining from food and drink, but from evil actions, thoughts, and words.

During Ramadan, every part of the body must be restrained. The tongue must be restrained from backbiting and gossip. The eyes must restrain themselves from looking at unlawful things. The hand must not touch or take anything that does not belong to it. The ears must refrain from listening to idle talk or obscene words. The feet must refrain from going to sinful places. In such a way, every part of the body observes the fast.

Therefore, fasting is not merely physical, but is rather the total commitment of the person’s body and soul to the spirit of the fast. Ramadan is a time to practice self-restraint; a time to cleanse the body and soul from impurities and re-focus one’s self on the worship of God.” (From islam.org.com)

I am writing a blog about Ramdhan because I am feeling this feeling again, it is soo overwhelming that I cannot help myself but to write about it. It feels soo good to remember that you will pray most of the time and that you will wake up super early in the morning to eat. I do ‘t know why it feels so good to be excited about it when in fact it is hard. It’s hard to wake up early just to eat even if you are not even hungry at all and there is soo much struggle to complete the prayers of tahajud and tarawe but still, this feeling of excited-ness is overwhelming and I always, ALWAYS feel this everytime the Ramadhan is approaching. Ramdhan comes too fast. It’s the fastest month of the year in every year of my life and I always lost track of the time.


Please let us not be too judgmental about others, lots of us are not practiced in wearing the proper hijab but still we must do our best to wear it properly “for the sake of Allah” only, not for the expectation of others. I know that some will have side comments like “purkit ramdhan mag hi-hijab” but that is expected. We should anticipate that. Even your close friends and best friends will also think of that to you but you can’t take that against them. Think outside of the box. That is just a very small reason for you not to cover up yourself.

Most of all, YOU MUST NOT BE SHY TO PRAY. Soo what if your friends will tease you? Soo what if others will think that its just for a show? Soo what? Your imaan/niyyat this Ramadhan is what matters most, and believe me, those who will side comment will only do it for a day or two and will ask tawbat afterwards for thinking that way. This is about our personal struggle. People will have side comments same as you but in the end, your imaan will matter the most.

These are all reminders to myself as well. I will also receive some side comments but it’s fine because I know that we are all in this together ;)

I have some resolutions or to do and bare in mind this Ramadhan that I’d like to share to you and I hope that you will find some that you might also want to do.

1. Understand the true meaning of Ramadhan
2. Check your imaan and niyaat and be firm with it
3. Be ready for the side comments and remember that it is okey and it is normal for humans. You do that too remember? It will pass. People will forget and will totally ask for tawbat
4. Always niyat before you sleep that you will going to wake up and fast for the sake of Allah tomorrow
5. Never miss any prayers. As in Never. Do all the means to pray on time. If you can’t then the least you can do is pray very late. Never let shallow reasons and “shyness” hinder you. Remember that it’s a Shaitan.
6. Remember that this is all for your Creator, the ALMIGHTY ALLAH who never loses time, patience and hope for you. He knows your imaan.
7. Do your very best to complete the Tarawe and Tahajud. I have read somewhere saying that “if only people knows the importance of tarawe then they will crawl to the Masjid even if they can’t walk”
8. Avoid girl talks. Avoid talking about others. Detach yourself from your friends who gossips. If you have backbiter friends then it’s better for you to leave them if you can’t change them. Remember that it is better to lose a friend than to have a friend that will push you to naraqah.
9. Aim to finish the Qur’an this Ramdhan. If you don’t know how to read then use your free time and use it to listen to the Qur’an
10. Stay away from social networking. Update your status for some reasonable and helpful reasons.
11. Lessen your time on the television
12. Read the Qur’an if you are bored.
13. Always bring a pasbi
14. Remember that this is just a month and it is not too long it is actually very short
15. Always remember that this could be your last Ramdhan in your life here in Dunya.

Wow! You made it until the end of this blog. Thank youuuu for reading. I know I am not capable of doing taalims but I hope that this Ramadhan 101 of mine has somewhat given you enlightenment and confidence to pursue what you want to do this Holy month. Just always remember that it is your Niyaat that will matter and our Almighty Allah is the only one who knows what’s in your heart.

Allah Bless you and Happy Happy Ramadhan to you and your family!

To this Anon, you are one of the reasons why I went back here in tumblr. I love you already and I hope that we  will be friends in person. Thank you dear! You&#8217;re one of the sweetest!

To this Anon, you are one of the reasons why I went back here in tumblr. I love you already and I hope that we will be friends in person. Thank you dear! You’re one of the sweetest!

That Minnie Mouse in Me

Hi! It’s been a while I know :) I am quiet dedicated to this blog though it’s not that famous ヅ I’m also thinking of updating this blog at least once a week to keep the fire burning and to keep some bored readers  visit it every time they are bored, would that be a good deal?☺ Yes! That’s a deal!

So leeets start this blog. First and foremost THIS IS NOT A FASHION BLOG. :) I am very very random when it comes to my outfits. I can be really girly, casual, formal, sassy, fancy, conservative, showy, cowgirl, overdressed and most of all trashy. (⊚︷⊚) HAHAHAHA. You know we all have that time of our life when we want to punch ourselves cause we look like a trash in our chosen outfit of the day. imageimage
This blog is me being my ultimate Disney character favorite, MINNIE MOUSE. I love re-making Disney characters when I’m in an amusement park cause I believe that it kinda looks cool and fun :) hehe yeah. You know me. I always love adding spice in my life
Doing your brows is a must if you don’t want to look like this 😂✌️
Imagining that these are actually golds and that I am one of those princesses who enters a magical place and dance with a prince until my shoes gets old. You know that book? Or movie?image
This is me, doing that i-don’t-really-know-what-kind-of-pose

My next blog will be a food blog :) Thanks for dropping by! Byeeeeeeee! (Virtual hugs and kisses)

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It’s a late night tea time with my babies :)

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